Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina

Harbour Island, Bahamas


2014 – The Year in Review

posted by on January 19th, 2015

valentine-reviewNow that we’ve entered a new year, we want to take a moment to reflect back on the great year that was 2014. It was a productive year with gains made in almost every category: operations, facility improvements, guest and marina bookings, and team enhancements. As the director of all of Valentine’s Residences Resort & Marina facilities I take great pride in letting our guests and owners know what we’ve been doing to make Valentine’s the best resort experience on Harbour Island while they (hopefully) enjoyed cocktails at the Rooster Tail bar or relaxed our beautiful pink sand beach

The Highlights Include

  • We updated the name to “Valentine’s Residences Resort & Marina” to highlight ownership opportunities as well as the resort and marina component of the Valentine’s experience.
  • Valentine’s affiliated with Preferred Residences by Interval International, giving us marketing access to their 1.8 million member loyalty club iPrefer. This will help us increase occupancy, and bring full membership benefits to all of our owners.
  • In October we Launched our new and improved website, with a fully responsive design for use on tablets and smartphones, direct connection to our booking engine, and great information for resort guests and boaters.
  • We restored the original building in the Southeast corner of the property, making it useful and adding to the authentic ambiance of the property.
  • We purchased tamper-proof thermostats to help control energy costs and maintain a steady temperature in all units. We plan to install these in January and February.
  • Valentine’s Replenished plating, utensils, pans and kitchen equipment—improving the guest experience at the restaurant and bar.
  • We replaced galvanized bathtub spigot nipples with brass nipples, eliminating rusty water problems in some tubs.
  • We had the pool skimmers and jets resealed, which stopped a pool leak and we installed LED landscape lighting pool-side to make sure Valentine’s beautiful pool remains one of our featured amenities.
  • We ordered A/C upgrades to prevent condensation damage.
  • We have continuously deep-cleaned the marina, restaurant, lounge, and guest rooms, making it a routine part of our maintenance program.
  • Valentine’s was featured in an article in Southern Boating magazine, in The Guardian, and made it onto the National Geographic website.
  • Planned-out the development and building of a meeting room (or possibly) gym in the large space on the ground floor underneath Cocoa Coffee House.
  • Valentine’s received proposals to install a smart sub-metering system to allow for third-party billing.

Thank you for perusing all the exciting things we’ve been doing. We appreciate the support of all our owners and guests and wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous 2015!