Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina

Harbour Island, Bahamas



When visiting an island known for having the most gorgeous beach in the world, you should try to experience the beach morning, noon and night. The perfectly smooth and supple, pink sand; the invigorating ocean air and the calming cool of lapping waves have different characteristics throughout the day. So whether you are staying at Valentines Resort or somewhere else on the island, here are some things to do before the crack of dawn on Harbour Island’s Pink Sand Beach.

1. Beach Yoga –The Pink Sand Beach is the perfect setting for an early morning yoga workout. Once you descend the sand dune, the beach is long and flat with ample places to throw a yoga mat. The sunrises on the horizon so you can perform sun salutations as you greet the birth of the new day. And who needs a playlist when you can enjoy the soothing sounds of rolling waves.

2. Morning Walk or Run – Whether your pace is heel to toe walking or a full on run, the Pink Sand Beach has a naturally made runway for you to exercise in the morning. Wake up your body with movement along a stretch of beach 3.5 miles long. The beauty that surrounds will be inspiration to keep moving, and your muscles will love you for it.

3. Swimming – The Bahamas has great year-round water temperatures, averaging between the low 70’s to 90’s. An early morning swim is not only relaxing and refreshing; it helps to burn calories. It’s the perfect exercise activity for keeping your lungs and heart healthy. It’s fun and easy and it helps tone your muscles. After jogging, a good swim is the perfect cool down cardio and a great catalyst to achieving your daily workout goals. Just remember to count your strokes and play it safe to the shoreline.

4. Watch the Sunrise – Watching the sun rise over Harbour Island’s Pink Sand Beach is a bucket list worthy experience, and also the perfect time to capture a self before you check off your list. For early risers this is a great romantic activity, but equally as good on your own. In the early mornings and late evenings always adorn yourself with bug spray when you plan to longue on the beach.

5. Cocoa Coffeehouse – If you like the sound of a light breakfast of muffins and coffee while you enjoy and contemplate the blessings all around you, collect your morning cup from Cocoa’s Coffee House and head to the beach. This coffee house at Valentine’s Resort exudes island charm. It offers a variety of special blend Starbucks and Lavazza coffees and tasty treats.

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