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Be sure to ask for one, or both, of these great drinks on your next visit to The Rooster Tail Bar at Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina in Harbour Island, Bahamas – known to have the best water location on the island!

The Bahama Mama


Not much is known about the origins of the Bahama Mama, but it’s likely that this rum cocktail was born during the Bahamas heyday as a smuggling base during Prohibition. A mix of dark and high-proof white rum, the Bahama Mama is more complex than it sounds, with recipes calling for coffee and coconut liqueur, lemon and pineapple juice.

Ingredients for 1 drink

  • 1/4 ounce coffee liqueur
  • 1/2 ounce dark rum
  • 1/2 ounce coconut liqueur
  • 1/4 ounce 151 proof (high proof) rum
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 4 ounces pineapple juice
  • Strawberry or cherry for garnish


  • Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  • Shake well.
  • Pour into a collins glass with cracked ice.
  • Garnish with a strawberry or cherry.

Variation of the Bahama Mama:

This can also be blended with 1 cup ice.

  • 1 ounce coconut rum
  • 1/2 ounce dark rum
  • 1/2 ounce coffee liqueur
  • 2 ounces orange juice
  • 2 ounces pineapple juice
  • 1/2 ounce grenadine
  • Orange wedges and strawberries for garnish
  • Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  • Shake well.
  • Pour into a hurricane glass with cracked ice.
  • Garnish with an orange and strawberries.

Video: How to Make a Bahama Mama (another variation)

The Goombay Smash


Created at the humble Blue Bee Bar on Great Turtle Cay in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, this potent libation contains four kinds of rum. Created by Blue Bee Bar founder Miss Emily, the Goombay Smash — not the Bahama Mama — is the national drink of the Bahamas. It’s named after the traditional form of drum-oriented Bahamaian music, similar to calypso.

Ingredients for 2 drinks:

  • Ice cubes
  • 6 tablespoons pineapple juice
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 1/4 cup Malibu rum or other coconut-flavored rum
  • 2 tablespoons light rum
  • 2 tablespoons gold rum
  • 2 tablespoons dark rum
  • 2 pineapple wedges
  • 2 orange slices


Fill cocktail shaker with ice; add pineapple juice, orange juice, and all rum. Cover and shake until very cold. Fill 2 short glasses with ice. Strain cocktail mixture over, dividing equally. Garnish with pineapple wedges and orange slices. Raise glass and toast.

Goombay Smash recipe from Rum Shop Ryan

Read more about drinking and dining at Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina….

Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina, BahamasNow that the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas has completed its $409m. redevelopment, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the Fly Free from Nassau offer from Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina.

With any consecutive 3 night minimum stay, guests receive one ticket and with 4 nights guests receive two tickets from Nassau to North Eleuthera with any flight originating in USA, Europe, Latin America, or Canada. To take advantage of this deal, book by June 30, 2014 for travel by October 31, 2014. Certain blackout dates apply including December 22 – 31, 2013 and March 4 – April 14, 2014.

There are currently great deals on flights into Nassau from many major cities, including $271 from Ft Lauderdale (Jet Blue). $313 from Atlanta (Delta), $351 from Washington DC (US Airways) and from Baltimore (Air Tran), and $373 from New York (Delta), just to name a few.

The new 606,000 sq. ft. Nassau airport is capable of accommodating 50 percent more passengers (more than 5 million each year), who can now enjoy 24 retail locations and 16 restaurants, bars and lounges. But there is never much of a layover wait for flights to Eleuthera, with at least five scheduled flights each and every day. Travel is made even easier and faster through pre-clearing U.S. Customs & Immigrations in Nassau.

Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina is an upscale, boutique resort in world-renown Harbour Island that attracts people from all over the world including boat enthusiasts, couples, and families. The resort offers luxury suites that are unparalleled among Bahamas hotels. With colorful clapboard-sided walls, white trim and shuttered dormer windows, they provide a unique experience for all our guests. Each suite comes equipped with WiFi and cable television, modern kitchen appliances, with large balconies overlooking the pool, gardens and marina.

For more information, visit or call 1-866-289-6864 for hotel and flight reservations.


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Kids Face Painting at Valentines Resort BahamasFUNKY ROOSTER WEEKEND – Fun for the entire family at Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina, Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Make it a Wild Rooster Weekend for this year’s Thanksgiving Celebration

  • Kids Face Painting
  • Arts & Crafts for the family
  • Pinata filled with goodies.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Thanksgiving Menu
  • Entertainment
  • Drink & Food Specials
  • Family Contest for prizes
  • Family Fun Junkanoo

Make sure to take advance of one of our many special offers to help get you here! Read all the details in our latest NEWSLETTER.

Bahamas Weddings Special Offer

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Dreaming of a destination wedding with a stunning backdrop of turquoise waters, powder-soft sand and awe-inspiring tropical sunsets? Then picture yourself here, with us on Harbour Island. The Valentines Resort in-house event planner will assist with every detail, helping you create your perfect wedding.

Book your Wedding at Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina by December 31st, and enjoy 10% off most of our wedding packages!! All of our exciting wedding packages can be found on our website at

A Bahamian marriage license is a legal document issued by the Bahamian Government and is recognized in other countries. In order to apply for a marriage license, couples must have been in The Bahamas for 24 hours prior to date of application. No blood test is necessary. All US citizens traveling to The Bahamas are required to have a valid passport.

To complete the application process, couples must bring with them:

If either party has been divorced, the original final decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced. For European residents, the original decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced in the native language along with a translated certified or notarized copy in English.

If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be produced.

The parties must produce some form of identification that has a photograph attached. The identification document must be issued by a Government Office in the country where the parties reside. A passport is required for persons who are residents of a Commonwealth country.

The parties must produce evidence of the date of their arrival in The Islands Of The Bahamas (i.e., airline ticket, immigration card).

Contact us at 1 (866) 389-6864 or for more information on our wedding options and visit our wedding pages.

Wedding Packages at Valentines Residences, Resort and Marina, Bahamas

Walking Tour of Harbour Island

posted by on September 30th, 2013

Everywhere you look in Harbour Island, there’s something to bathe your eyeballs: pastel cottages dappled by crimson bougainvillea, sensuous palms, a turquoise bay studded by yachts and working boats, and of course, that gorgeous three-mile beach.

That’s not to say that everything is pristine. You’ll also see dilapidated houses, rusting cars, chickens feasting in trash cans, and unfortunately, an overflowing dump. If you want a total Hollywood stage set, this is not the place for you. But if you keep your eyes open, you’ll see something unique and interesting everywhere you walk.

Here are a few suggestions for where to head. You can plot them out on the map from My Harbour Island

North end, bayside (45 minutes: historic homes, a lovely bay, a steep walk to a grand vista)
South end, bayside
(30 minutes: historic homes, the library, and town center)
North end, oceanside (1 hour 15 minutes: churches, beach, some cool resorts, public buildings)
South end, oceanside (1 hour: serious beach walking)
South end, interior (1 hour: Ma Ruby’s, Romora, Harbour Island Marina, and farmer Anthony)
Village of Dunmoretown (rest of your life)

North end, bayside

Sarah, matriarch of the straw ladies in BahamasAt the foot of Government Dock you’ll meet Sarah, matriarch of the straw ladies. At 89 she doesn’t open up her stand as often anymore, says she has a touch of “the grouch” in her foot. But you can’t do better than to start off your walk with a hat from her or one of the other vendors.

Just beyond the first few straw vendors is the new fig tree planted to replace the beloved ancient tree that served as town center until its demise in hurricane Floyd. And across from the tree is the Harbour Lounge, originally the dining room for the old Pink Sands hotel across the island. Today it’s one of the best spots to have a drink and watch the sun set.

Little Boarding House at Harbour Island, BahamasThe yellow house at the corner of Bay Street and Murray is Little Boarding House. Over 200 years old, it is currently a private home but was the town’s first boarding house originally run by two sisters who also held the first Catholic mass in their homes. Just past it is the Loyalist, seen at right, a fine example of the early architecture.

Continuing up Bay Street, each house is a delight. Note particularly the large white one with red trim, Dunmore Cottage. On this site stood the summer home of Lord Dunmore who laid out the town in 1791. Rounding the point, you’ll see up ahead the fisherman’s dock. Partially destroyed by Floyd, this is still the place most people buy fresh grouper, snapper, and conch at days end.

If you continue to the end of Bay Street, you’ll pass the dump on your right and the power station on your left. But just beyond you’ll be rewarded with the sight of the shallow bay called Girls Bank which is presided over by a solitary driftwood tree. The tree is a draw for many international fashion shoots, and the crystalline water beckons you to wade out several hundred yards before you’re up to your knees. A favorite spot for bone fishing and even an occasional wedding.

North end, bayside beach at BahamasAt this point you can retrace your steps or circle the edge of town by climbing the hill of Coconut Drive. You’ll pass Gusty’s, a place you’ll want to return for nightlife. Four houses beyond is the well-stocked Shells ‘n Tings shop of Iris Lewis. And you’ll be near one of the island’s highest spots with a commanding view from several hundred feet.

At the end of the road turn right onto Nesbit Street. Pass the water tower, Barrack Street,

the ballfield on your right and Angela’s Starfish restaurant on your left, a great place for the best deal meal of fried grouper, salad, peas and rice. Turn left past Angela’s and you’re on the main street of town Dunmore Street. Four blocks down on the right is Arthur’s bakery. And you definitely deserve a latte and a pineapple muffin.

South end, bayside

From Government dock, head south along Bay Street. At the foot of the dock is the gracious Landing hotel and restaurant housed in the original customs house. Just beyond is the new John Bull duty free shop which abuts the stone steps leading up to Rock House hotel. A subterranean entrance at street level is shuttered by blue padlocked doors.

Continuing down Bay Street you’ll pass Valentine’s Marina and historic residences that get ever more lovely as you approach the end of the street.

Government dock at South end, bayside in BahamasAt the dead end you’ll be rewarded by a lovely view of the bay to the south and of the historic canons at Roundhead. Turn back from the dead end, and take the first right onto South Street. At the end of the block you’ll come to the beautiful pink Sir George Robert’s Library under two of the most magnificent trees on the island. Be sure to step into the library if it’s open to view an exhibit of photos of island history as well as to experience the pure essence of libraryness, before the days of computers—or even card catalogues. Just behind the library is the island’s pride, the new medical clinic completed in 1998.

Head back down Dunmore Street toward town to pass one of the Island’s quirkiest sites, “Uncle Ralph’s Aura Corner.” Local house painter and convivial roustabout “Uncle Ralph” Sawyer has permitted generations of tourists to add to his collection of eclectic hand-painted signs with sayings such as, “When you’re skating on thin ice, you might as well dance,” or “You are the puzzle piece that fell behind the sofa that completes the sky,” and a few less printable. Leave some change if you take a photo; Ralph will give it to the medical clinic.

Continuing, you’ll pass the Catholic church, the Anglican church, and Miss Mae’s Fine Things before arriving at the tiny triangular park that commemorates Harbour Island’s first doctor.

You are now in the heart of the downtown, just blocks from the Royal Bank of Canada, and Island Real Estate, as well as several gift shops and Chacara lumber, the Walmarts of Harbour Island.

Angle off onto King Street and in another block you’ll come to Blue Sticks gift shop and Pigly Wigly food store. Turn right at this corner, go just one more block, and you arrive, surprise, at Arthur’s Bakery. Time for a cappuccino, or, if it’s lunch time, maybe a lobster sandwich.

North end, oceanside

From Arthur’s Bakery, walk south along Dunmore Street and turn left onto Chapel Street. You’ll pass the Methodist Church on your right, the bright yellow Church of God on your left, and then the cemetery on your left.

Keep going past the bougainvilla-shrouded entrance to Pink Sands Resort on your left and then Coral Sands Hotel on your right. The road turns into a public access path down to the beach, and after just a few steps, a blast of full-out Caribbean blue overwhelms you with a sudden desire to say a prayer of thanksgiving. Turn left to walk north along the beach. Every hundred yards you go adds about a million to the value of the properties you can just glimpse the roofs of along the bluff.

Unfortunately, the few public access points to the road behind these houses can be hard to find, so you’ll have to retrace your steps. When you get back to the public access point, we recommend lunch or a drink at the beach bar of one of the hotels. Coral Sands makes a perfect piña colada and offers sandwiches ranging from a hot dog to a lobster salad sandwich. Or if you’re on a budget, a grouper burger at Pink Sand’s Blue Bar could be just the way to sample their classy ambiance.

After lunch stroll down the beach a few hundred yards past Dunmore Beach Club to the next public access point indicated by steps and an orange life ring. You’ll come up alongside the old Oceanview Hotel which is currently a private residence. Proceed straight down Court Road to pass children playing outside the bright yellow All Ages School and then Batelco, home of the local Bahamas Telephone Company.

As you cross Colebrook Street, the street you’re on becomes Gaol Street. It’s pronounced like “jail” and in fact is the site of the jail as well as the magistrate’s office and post office. Just past the building is an ancient fire truck tethered under a thatched roof like an old mare. This is what stands between the island and destruction by fire.

At the corner you’re back to Dunmore Street. Turn right and you’re just three blocks from Arthur’s Bakery.

South end, oceanside

From Government dock, hire a taxi and ask them to take you south to Third Reef, that’s the southernmost access point to the beach. At the beach, turn left to walk back toward town. You’ll see several dozen beach-front houses—some a lot closer to the water than they used to be before Hurricane Floyd.

After about a mile you’ll pass Runaway Hill Club with its hibiscus mural fronting on its oceanside pool. Beyond Runaway is a tumble of small cottages that were originally built as bathhouses for those with homes in town.

You can cut back to the road at the access stairs at the former Oceanview Hotel, which is now a private residence. From here on you pick up the route back to town described in the north end oceanside walk above.

South end, interior

Haunted Mansion at Harbour Island Marina, BahamasFor this one we recommend a bicycle, rented perhaps from Michael’s Cycles on Colebrook Street near Love Lane. From Michael’s, turn left to go south on Colebrook. You’ll pass the colorful Avery’s restaurant on your left and Seagrapes nightclub and the medical clinic on your right. Ride right on by Ma Ruby’s restaurant on the left and the entrance to Romora Bay Club on your right at the turn. We’ll be recommending you stop at one of these for lunch on the swing back.

Follow the curve in the road and ride about another mile passing the old air strip. At the end of the road is Southbar, a private residential development. Swing back and follow the signs to the Harbour Island Marina, a good place to stop for a drink, and adjacent to the reportedly haunted mansion.

Returning to Colebrook Street, turn left to head back to town. When you reach the big curve to the left, instead turn right and into the driveway of Farmer Anthony, one of the island’s most beloved characters. With any luck, this gentle man who was once a Benedictine monk may have some melons or tomatoes you can buy.

Heading back around the big curve, it’s time to make your choice about lunch: a bayside buffet at Romora Bay Club or a terrific grouper burger under the palms at Ma Ruby’s. It’s a tough enough choice that you may have to come back this way.

Village of Dunmore Town

Once you’ve taken the walks listed above, you’ll have seen most of the significant sights. But every side street is worth seeing, and there’s nowhere it’s unsafe to walk. So just wander around some. All roads lead back to Arthur’s bakery eventually.

(article from

Nightlife at Harbour Island, BahamasAfter the sun sets there is spectacular nightlife on this bitty island. The bars and clubs on Harbour Island are down-home quirky kind of places where you’ll mix comfortably with the locals.

At night, you can wear your jeweled flip-flops to the recently renovated Dunmore Beach Club for dinner, on the terrace, under the stars, the ocean before you. The night sky, full of stars, and the midnight-blue sea below…it’s almost too beautiful.  Go dancing at Daddy O’s – into the wee hours if you have the energy.

Seagrapes is a nondescript cement structure over by the library, but inside it’s the spot most likely to get rocking with live local music. You’ll hear Bahamian music, Carribbean style, from the Brilanders who have toured for Jimmy buffet. Seagrapes also gets occasional guest performers from Nassau and beyond.

And, of course, there is the Rooster Tail Bar at Valentines – touted as one of the best bars, with the best views on the island.

Frommer’s description of the Vic-Hum as a “dive” only begins to hint at the glorious, unrestrained, ramshackle, faded excess of this place. No trip to the island is complete without a stop here.

Located right in the center of town next to Arthur’s Bakery, Charlie’s Bar  has a cozy bar inside, as well as the most inviting little patio with a view of the action at the center of town, specialize in frozen daiquiris, and even offer free conch fritters upon occasion.

So much to do – start planning your next holiday now! Check out our current special offers for more information and reservations.

Things to do on Eleuthera with Kids

posted by on June 02nd, 2013

Unlike some of its sister islands in the Bahamas, Eleuthera’s lure is its simplicity. There is no big business or contrived attractions. The absence of mini-golf, however, does not mean that there is nothing to do with kids in Eleuthera. There is plenty of adventure on this 100-mile long island…from snorkeling with gorgeous schools of fish to jumping into the 600-foot deep landlocked “Ocean Hole.”  Here are some of the top things to do in Eleuthera with kids.

  • Snorkeling. The water in Eleuthera is breathtakingly clear. The reefs are abundant and close to shore, and the sand below is pinkish-white, makes for really incredible snorkeling.  Throw snorkeling gear into the car wherever you go, as there are new reefs and beaches to explore around every corner.
  • Surfing. Eleuthera is one of the only islands in the Bahamas that boasts a decent surf break.  The Atlantic side of the Island north of James Cistern offers several excellent beaches for surfing, with Surfer’s Beach and Holiday Beach being the most famous. Look for a surf guide for the best tips, such as Bahamas Adventures.
  • Sea Glass Collecting. Surfer’s Beach has more sea glass than one can carry. You will find a huge rainbow of colors, along with beautiful shells (which are best just admired and photographed and left for future travelers to enjoy.
  • Rock Sound Ocean Hole. Ocean Hole is a 600-foot deep landlocked hole full of friendly fish that claims to have healing waters. The hole is believed to connect to both the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans through underground tunnels. The fish are very used to being fed, so they swim right up to and all around you.
  • Lighthouse Beach.  Next continue south all the way to the very tip of the island to one of the best beaches in Eleuthera, Lighthouse Beach. The road to the beach is pretty rough and there is nothing down there, so pack a cooler full of food and snacks and get ready for a wonderful day of snorkeling, boogie boarding and exploring.
  • Glass Window Bridge. Just above Gregory Town is the Glass Window Bridge. The man-made bridge that is there today replaced a natural bridge that was destroyed by a hurricane. Eleuthera is only about 1-mile wide, and the Glass Window Bridge is the narrowest point of the island, affording pretty cool views of the deep blue of the Atlantic contrasted with the clear aqua of the Caribbean water. Low tide is the best time to visit Glass Window Bridge.
  • The Cow & The Bull. Another interesting land formation on Eleuthera Island is The Cow & The Bull about a mile south of the Glass Window Bridge. There are two large boulders, on one side, the boulder looks like a bull with two cows and on the other side, a bull with one cow. Both sets of boulders overlook the sea on both side, and when the weather is inclement and the wind passes through, the result is a roar that sounds like bulls.
  • Hatchet Bay Cave.  Just south of Surfer’s Beach is Hatchet Bay Cave. The cave is a mile long and filled with stalagmites and stalactites which will take on the appearance of underground cathedrals in your torch light. Centuries-old graffiti of charcoal signatures line the walls. It’s recommended to tour with a cave guide.
  • Kayaking. The water is so clear that you can explore the reef from above as well as below.

Valentines Resort & Marina on Harbour Island is offering a Family Focus Special Offer with any 3 night minimum stay through December 15, 2013.

  • Kids Eat Free (12 and under)
  • Room upgrade from Junior Suite to One Bedroom Suite (with pull out for kids)
  • Kids 12 and under stay free

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Harbour Island, Bahamas

5 Things To Do In Harbour Island

posted by on May 23rd, 2013

By Sherice Major

Briland at CaribbeanAlthough there are 30 more days until the summer season officially kicks off, we’ve already started our summer adventures.  Over the weekend, we packed up and sped off into the sunset to Harbour Island, The Bahamas to escape the hustle & bustle of city living in exchange for the deliciousness of the island life.

Briland,’ as it is affectionately called is located three hours away from the capital Nassau [via boat],  and is one of the [not so] best kept secrets in The Caribbean!  For centuries, the island has attracted the rich & famous, who, in their pursuit of all things major, found one of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, the most enchanting architectural structures, the most hospitable islanders, and the most palatable plates this side of town.

If you’re considering a MAJOR getaway here are 5 things you must do in Harbour Island…

  • Rent A Golf Cart –  Although the island is only approximately 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, you will need to rent yourself a buggy for your stay on the island.  Golf carts range from $45-50 ish for a 24 hour period, if you’re a good talker you might get it for a few coins cheaper. Grab a map and go on the ultimate adventure, trust us – you won’t get lost!
  • Have Lunch at Sip Sip – Unarguably one of the best spots on the island to grab a bite to eat  at lunchtime. The restaurant is off the track most beaten, deep in the cut on Court St. Enjoy a five star meal with an amazing view of Pink Sands Beach.
  • Swim – The Briland temperature is always perfect to take a dip in one of the best beaches in the world, Pink Sands. Stroll on three miles plus of nothing but untouched powder pink soft sand.  Grab a spot, lay back and inhale the island breeze.
  • Take a Cocoa break  Need a pick me upper? Head over to the quaint & quiet Cocoa Coffee House over on Bay St. for a fill up! The boutique coffee shop offers hot or iced Starbucks coffee as well as Lavazza made drinks. Get cozy in one of their chairs, grab a drink and enjoy the view of Valentine’s Marina. For the social influencers, WIFI is readily available!
  • Drink & Dine At Valentine’s – Even if you’re not staying at the luxury property, Valentine’s Resort & Marina, you are still able to enjoy all that they have to offer.  Head out for a night of fun with the girls and pop into the Rooster Tail Bar for drinks or grab a bite to eat from the Boat House Restaurant.  Live entertainment weekly coupled with a view makes it a major must.

Rooster Tail Bar Drink Menu

posted by on May 15th, 2013

Rooster Tail Bar Drink Menu at Valentines Resort Bahamas

Restaurant at Valentines Resort BahamasPart of the pleasure of exploring Harbour Island is checking out the restaurants. When compared to other Bahamian islands, Harbour Island has one of the best selections of restaurants — all within close proximity to any place you stay.  Harbour Island has its own take on Bahamian food. It’s very fresh and tasty, and served with flair. Dining out is casual.

First, head to town. Mornings must begin with freshly baked Bahamian herb bread or croissants at Arthur’s Bakery. The Landing is wonderful: amazing local ingredients (langoustines, grouper, fresh chicken curry), refined yet simple cuisine, a beautiful setting under trees, twinkling lights. Kids love the easy feeling of the India Hicks-backed venture; parents love lazing on outdoor settees aside the odd luminary. The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Uma and Arki — all island regulars. Sunday Brunch is very popular here as well, where they serve ricotta pancakes and fresh-baked coconut bread.

For the best views on the island, guests head to The Boat House Restaurant where guests have the choice of enjoying meals on the open-air deck or you can choose to dine in air conditioned comfort, without sacrificing the joy of our Harbour Island waterfront view.  Favorite dishes include Lobster Quesadillas and Lobster Benedict for breakfast!

The jet-set crowd can then often been found in the evenings at The Rooster Tail Bar, where live entertainment is provided weekly (Friday and Sunday).

When you’re ready for a bigger night out, head to Rock House for the Euro/fabulous scene and the cuisine. Here, too, the focus is on fresh, locally caught fish and ingredients. The crowd stays late, lounging on couches around a central, sleek pool area.

Other top restaurants include Romora Bay Club and Harbour Lounge.  And there are so many more…

Restaurants, Bars at Valentines Resort BahamasFor local fare, Ma Ruby’s should not be missed.  Sybal’s Bakery is known for local Bahamian breakfast of grits and stewed fish.  If you are feeling brave, Avery’s offers the local dish of souse in all of these delightful flavors: chicken feet, pig feet, chicken, sheep tongue. This meat is what the local plantation workers ate, and they found ways to make it taste very nice.  After a morning lying on the pink sand beach you will want to wander into Sip Sip for lunch. “Sip-sip” is the local term for gossip! And at Sip Sip you will indeed hear all the gossip, local and otherwise, and see anyone who’s anyone. Popular dishes are the Lobster Quesada and a Gombay Smash drink.  The Queen Conch shack at the top of the PLP dock is a must for a late-afternoon snack. Here, local conch salad is made to order from local giant conch meat is pulled from its shell, chopped and mixed with the juice of limes and sour orange and local tomatoes, onions and green peppers.

Beware: ask for “tourist strength.” Anything else might blow your bikini off. If you are feeling adventurous ask for the conch’s pistols. Harbour Island men say, “It puts lead in your pencil”.

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