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blog-img9While visiting Eleuthera, Bahamas, I decided one day to take the ferry over to Harbour Island. It is a beautiful place and while wandering around, I stumbled upon what is called by the locals, The Haunted House. It was a grand old building and it made me sad to see such majesty gone to ruin. I had to take out my camera and get pictures!

Struck by the beauty of the place, I immediately set about researching it when I got home. Unfortunately, there was not much history to be found. What I did find was that the mansion was built in the Stewart style during the 1940s by a wealthy family (name unknown) who came over with servants to live a life of luxury on the island. Shortly after, the owner either left for medical tests, or the couple had an argument (depending on which story you believe) and the house was left just as it was, with the table set for dinner. Everyone inside the home just vanished.

And there the house sat, stuck in time, until the 1960s when a Greek shipping magnate bought it for one million dollars as a wedding gift for his new wife. The legend goes that she spent exactly a half an hour in it before she came screaming out, convinced there were ghosts and demons inside. The couple left and never returned.

During the 1970s, the locals decided to take over the property and used it for Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties. However, the 80s brought a fire and looters, leaving the house once again, to decay.

Recently, the property has been given a new life as a wedding spot for locals and travelers worldwide. It is lit up with a thousand candles and couples can say their vows at midnight in the eerie ruins.

I did not experience any type of supernatural feeling while I was visiting the haunted house on Harbour Island. What I did experience was a sense of wonder at the beauty surrounding me. I am always amazed at the contrast of beautiful places falling to ruin.

If you ever find yourself on Harbour Island, put the Haunted House on your list of places to see!

Article by Stephanie Stebbins

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