Valentines Residences, Resort & Marina

Harbour Island, Bahamas


photo2339Valentine’s is proud to announce that Tyrone Anderson, Director of Finance for Valentine’s Resort and Marina has been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the 17th Annual Cacique Awards in the Manager of the Year category.

Tyrone is considered one of the finest managers among thousands of tourism industry professionals due to his dedication, standard of service and professionalism. In the Caribbean, Cacique is the Lucayan leader of the community who would administer justice, resolve disputes, issue decrees and receive visitors resembling the duties of today’s workplace managers.

The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) and its partners will recognize his achievements at the Annual General Meeting and Luncheon scheduled for Friday, December 2nd at Atlantis Paradise Resort.

The full selection process involves an interview with a selection committee will take place in February 2017 with the winner being announced at the Cacique Awards scheduled to take place in 2017, presented by the Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the BHTA.

Valentine’s Resort and Marina is exceptionally proud of his nomination into this prestigious group and we are all wishing him great success as the final selection process continues.

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